August 3, 2011

Tewksbury Dudes = Serious Endurance

They might not look like it but these dudes are studs. Recently they broke the [unofficial] world record for longest wiffleball game by playing for 32 hours. That's some serious endurance...ladies know what I'm talking about. When these guys aren't playing wiffleball for ridiculous amounts of time they meet every Saturday for their tantric sessions. But seriously, these guys have done a great deed. Not only did they play for 32 straight hours they raised $1,352 for the Jimmy Fund. This endurance wiffle record has been broken a few times in the recent past but the bar has been raised once more. Only time will tell if another group of players can break it. At least these guys did if for a good cause.

Source: Wicked Local Tewksbury (features an interview with Alec DiFruscia, the kid who made this happen).

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